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Solve your pest problems with our well trained pest control experts in Croydon and beyond

The pest control experts at Guaranteed Services are accredited and professionally trained to solve all your pesky pest problems. Our agents hold extensive knowledge of building layouts, combined with the behaviour of pests. They use this information to form the best possible plan of attack on pests, along with future defence against them. 

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Carpet cleaning after a visit from the pest control team

After a visit from our pest control experts, we can also offer you a unique method of carpet cleaning to remove stains that have been left behind from your unwanted visitors. We can also work wonders on the day to day stains that can appear on carpets over the years, such as food, wine, mud, dust and anything else! Whether you’ve had a pest problem or not, take advantage of our deep carpet cleaning.

Secure your property with CCTV installation from Guaranteed Services

Not only are we experts in pest control, we are now expanding to help you defend against a different type of unwanted visitor. Protect and secure your home or business against thieves and intruders by installing a state of the art CCTV system from Guaranteed Services in the Croydon area.

Guaranteed building work from the professionals in Croydon and beyond

From painting and decorating to large scale construction we also carry out building work throughout Croydon, Bromley and beyond. If you’ve already had the builders in, and need a professional builders cleaning service, we can help with that too! Contact us with your requirements, we can come to you and offer a free quotation for the work that needs carrying out.

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Eradicating unwanted visitors in Croydon, Bromley and beyond
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