Is something biting you or your pet? Have you found fleas?
Get rid of fleas and the pain of you or your pet getting bitten by these small nuisances, we will make your pet and home flea free. It's a guarantee.
Fleas can be a problem all year, but it's only when the weather warms up that the population rises dramatically. They are just black specks to the naked eye, but can jump really high. If you have found fleas then there are probably eggs and larvae around also. Fleas can spread diseases such as plague and murine typhus. Fleas require a number of strategies to remove them, from killing all the adult fleas, to removing the eggs and larvae.

Guaranteed Services provide pest control in the areas of Croydon, Thornton Heath and Bromley, and wider areas of Surrey and London. Contact our experienced staff members today for full details of our fantastic service.

Help to ensure your fleas flee in future!

  • Always vacuum areas your pet is around including carpeted areas
  • Wash your pets bedding and other items
  • Bath your pet's and groom them regularly
  • Keep your garden neat, mow the lawn and rake the leaves

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